When Graphic Design Takes Over Web Design

A website that is pleasing to the eyes and gives superior user experience is a dream of every business owner, who wants a strong online presence. Irrespective of the nature of the business, a professional website must have all the elements integrated together- web design & development, graphic design, copywriting and search engine optimisation. However, what happens when a designer gives preference to the aesthetics more than the technical aspect of a web design? The answer is simple- you get a beautiful website that attracts the traffic, but fails to convert them due to lack of usability.

While we cannot say that a website can survive without a good graphic design if its web design is superior, the fact remains that too much of anything can be bad for your site. Graphic design is an older concept than web design, and it is mostly used for prints. However, since the dominance of Internet and its use for business marketing and advertising, graphic design eventually made inroads into the domain of website design as well.

The significance of graphic design in a website is for all to see, but it should never take precedence over the actual website design because a good looking website would be of no use if it cannot convert the visitors. While graphic can be used anywhere in the website, one should try to restrict its use at some pre-defined areas only. Discussed below are the places where graphic design can complement a web design-

Footers and headers- Whether it is the home page or any other web page of the site, unique graphics on the footers and headers can add a new edge to the site, making it more defined and supporting the web design. Depending on the nature or the theme of the website, you can use imagery and other features to make it more interactive and user-friendly.

Page titles/headings- Although you can simply have a simple text title on top of every web page, the visual experience of the users can be enhanced with the help of a graphically designed title that has some clip art or illustration as well.

Background images- When using background images it is important to ensure that they do not take away the focus from the content on the web page. The background colours should highlight the textual content and make it more readable.

Flash- This is the most controversial element used in web design and graphic design. While many people believe that it is unnecessary to have too much Flash on a website as it increasing the loading time, there are many successful websites that are based on Flash (example-YouTube). It depends on the kind of website and its purpose when using Flash. Thus, one should use it only when and where it is necessary.

Keeping these points in your mind, would help you in getting the graphic design that complements the web design, instead of dominating it.

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Graphic Design Outsourcing Tips That You Should Know

Graphic design is a well known process in the field of business. The success of a business lies on the advertisement with attraction. To bring attraction the creativity is much important. To enjoy the creativity one can appoint a graphic designer as his employee but the frequent need of graphic design would not occur. Hence the appointment of a graphic designer is waste sometimes. The way to satisfy the need of a company on graphic design they can outsource the graphic design through some familiar concerns.

When we depute the graphic design for outsourcing, the person taking contract to do the graphic design will certainly workout the nature, prospects and advantages, theme and sources of the company or concern. Complete study over the company will help the outsourced graphic designer to create something impressive advertisements, postures, television display, and web designing and so on. The entire responsibilities are deputed through outsourcing of graphic designs. As such quality in graphic design can be expected with confident.

Marketing a product need lot of technical support from advertising agencies and that too from graphic designers. A well settled graphic designer can quickly observe the thoughts and means of a manufacturer or seller and will set the design accordingly. So much the impression created in the graphic design that much customers will step into the organization from which the graphic design is delivered. The moment the graphic designs attracts people, the concern get enquiries and sales. Outsourcing in the field of animation is gradually increased. The most advantage of outsourcing graphic design is that the cost spent is reduced and expected quality is achieved. The outsourcing process in graphic design has increased tremendously. Especially in US, East Asia and well developed countries have started outsourcing the graphic designs in large numbers.

In communication wing, yellow page makers set their task of graphic designs to outsourcing. The main object of the companies or manufacture is to cut the cost of labor by outsourcing its process to some familiar outsourcing companies. On the other hand a company or manufacturer can depute his time entirely on business developments. Graphic design outsourcing is globally needed as the market strategies urges lowering the cost of production and other expenses related to that. By outsourcing the graphic designs of a company the image and identity is increased so much as people could have enquiry about the product and started buying.

In modern days people are waiting for something new. To satisfy their needs, a manufacturer has to deliver his product by giving proper and impressive advertisements and publicity. Where to get such creative advertisement? The only source is from graphic designs. A wise man will give all his graphic designs to outsourcing and sit comfortably without worrying for labor problems, salary factor, and many more. World wide opportunities are there in plenty for graphic design outsourcing to meet out the large number of opportunities in this field. In film industry outsourcing of movies with creativity is most welcomed by viewers. Now in internet we can see so many companies opting themselves for taking contract in outsourcing of graphic designs.