Finding the Right Laptop With the Right Graphics Card

Whether it be for playing the latest video games or editing photo and video a good graphics card for your laptop is necessary to ensure there are no setbacks in whatever you decide to do. Most standard notebooks come with a low end to mid range graphic offering that will suffice for many of the daily functions we require. For those looking for that extra bit of performance then you need to consider upgrading your laptops graphics capability or purchase a whole new laptop altogether.

To be or not to be? That is the question.

It is not very common for a laptop to allow a graphics upgrade unless you purchased a top of the line expensive model. Some examples of systems that offer this capability are those mostly offered as desktop replacement systems that come with the ability to upgrade a lot of features such as processor, ram, hard drive and graphics card to a certain extent. If you are looking for better performance graphically then the first thing you should check is whether your unit allows an upgrade, if not, then I am afraid you will have to purchase a new laptop.

Choosing the right laptop and graphics device.

On the market today there are 2 companies that specialise in making and developing graphic processors. These are known as Nvidia & Ati. Both companies specialise in offering graphics card that come in the form of being included into laptop technology or external via a slot in graphics card for those with desktop computers. Both companies offer technologies depending on your needs that will satisfy your graphics needs, whether it be via a notebook or desktop.

To find the right laptop with an adequate graphics card you will first need to decide your reasons for wanting an improved graphics card. Will it be for just playing games? Or will you be using it for video and photo editing? This is an important question to ask as other specifications will need to be taken into consideration depending on what you plan on mainly using the laptop for.

Laptop for playing games.

There is no general rule of thumb when looking for a laptop that can play the latest games. If you do some research on the various manufacturers out there you will find they have ranges of laptops suited to playing high end games, as well as offering ranges of other laptops that cater specifically for video and photo editing. For a machine that is dedicated for playing the latest games i suggest looking at the range of laptops available from companies such as dell and gateway.

Laptops for video/photo editing

These laptops generally have a balance in specifications in terms of processor, ram and graphics card. Sony offer a range of laptops under the AW series that are designed for professional video and photo editing. Graphics units in models such as the AW series are, at best, mid range. I recommend that for this specific type of task your best bet is to find a laptop under the Nvidia range as they have a wide variety of graphics options for this task in mind.